“It has become a pure, often Beatlesque, record on which the songs aren't stuffed with more than it needs, and on which the beautiful three-part harmony jumps in the eye. Songs as Jonathan, Heads and 1814 are accompanied by bright and pure melodies, and the music breaths in a wide, rustic atmosphere..."
De Morgen ★★★★

"The guys from Geppetto & The Whales have finished their debut album Heads of Woe by which they share a perfectly aimed shot against the winter blues."
Focus Knack.

"The other half of the record shares this high standard, so it's hard not to be impressed. It's still early 2014 but this might already be THE Belgian Release of 2014." GoForMusic ★★★★

"On their debut album, the band proves it is up for the bigger job. Even though it's not an 'easy' record, 'Heads of Woe' blooms a bit more every time you listen to it." Gazet Van Antwerpen ★★★★

If you haven't seen the band prior to the release of this debut album (their live reputation was big from the beginning), you will be more than astonished while listening to 'Heads of Woe'. The steps forward are many, and with seven-league strides. The splendid melodies stayed, and progress was made with their lyrics, dynamics, incredibly beautiful close harmony singing (the band exists of three lead singers) and with the quality of their soundscapes. Old souls in a young body?" OOR - NL.

"We truly wish them a big breakthrough. And with this record it might even work out." DaMusic

"Mellifluous listening-pop. Their close harmony makes you gasp for breath more than once... Lots of adventure, pomp and circumstance, wrapped in a beautiful package. Thumbs up!" Rif Raf.

"Geppetto & The Whales impresses tonight. From a dreamy, resounding start the sextet fan out to the Wilco-like psychedelica from 'Heads' and to more heavy songs like 'Indian Child', which is more a reminder of Radiohead anno The Bends. Once in a while their indie sounds mystic, but then again also compelling. What they all share is melancholy and a dark edge: much more than on their EP 'People of Galicove' which was more euphoric. At the end of the show they reach their climax as Jonathan, another beautiful new song, ends in a good share of noise. A suitable end for a very convincing showcase. Geppetto And The Whales does good business!"
- NL. (review Eurosonic showcasefestival)